Preview of Individual Cars that will be listed on ebay for sale as I get around to listing it. (Takes a while to list this many items)

Price shown below are starting price. If no interest, they will be lowered in coming week.

Email me at benmlee at yahoo dot com for questions or if you want to buy now.

Buy with confidence. I design all the motor mounts and A-Arm suspension for PN Racing, so not going to disappear over night. There are lots of interest in the bodies. First with payment in paypal gets priority. Will refund the rest.

Please Note: Pictures shown is not the actual car. Click on it for actual car. Color may be different.


All new cars are sealed in box unless otherwise noted.




Shipping cost:

All items are shipped by USPS or UPS.

New cars in Autoscale Box:

1 car: 2lbs shipping weight + $1.99 for box.

2 car: 3lbs shipping weight + $2.09 for box.

3 car: 2lbs shipping weight + $2.39 for box.


Used cars or cars without Autoscale jewel box:

1 car: 12oz (Can be first class mail for the US) shipping weight + $1.49 for box.

2 car: 1.5 lbs shipping weight + $1.49 for box.

3 car: 2lbs shipping weight + $2.09 for box.

Go to USPS Calculator or UPS Calculator to find shipping cost. Add $.75 for delivery confirmation to prevent misunderstandings. Classic cars will require insurance.







86mm Bodies



Porsche 935 - Offset: 2.5N/1W $28 - Sold


90mm Bodies



Lamborghini LP500 1N/3W $30 Sold
LamborghiniCountachLP500S 1N/3W $30 Sold



Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (MR010) - Offset: 0N/0N Glosscoat Version $60 Color: Blue - Sold

Porsche 911 GT1 No. 25 LM 1996 - Offset: 1N/2W. (Beautiful car) $38





Lancia Delta No4 1992 Monte Carlo Winner (MR010 AWD)- Offset: 0N/0N. $40 - Sold

Ferrari F40 (MR015 Version) - Offset: 2.5N/1.73W. (Measured MZ30) Original Glosscoat Version $45 - Sold

Ferrari F40 White Body with Kyosho wheels. $35

Ferrari 246GT Dino (MR010) - Offset: 0N/0N - Original gloss coat $45 Color: yellow Sold

Ferrari 512BB (MR010) - Offset: 2N/0W - With MZH001BB Aluminum Display Wheels $60. Without wheels: $38 - Sold

Second yellow 512BB Ferrari RTR with long out of production original non-servo saver MR01 chassis new sealed. $180 Sold

Ferarri 250 GTO - Offset: 0N/0N Original gloss coat $60 Color: Yellow Sold
Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe - Offset: 1N/1.5W Glosscoat Version $70 Sold

Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 - Offset: 0N/0N $32



Ford Focus WRC 2002 - Offset: 1.6N/1.6N $250 - Sold - $250 is a good deal. Is less than what I have seen on ebay. This has gone up to $400!

WRX-STI-Spec-C.-SRTJ-2007 - Offset: 0N/0N $35 - Sold








No.-86-Team-Falken-Motor-Sport AE86 Offset: 0N/0N $35 - Sold






(Can be converted to MM chassis using shortened MM motor mounts)

94mm Bodies



Chrysler PT Cruiser - Offset: 1N/1N $23 Sold


Shelby Cobra 427 (MR010) - Offset: 1N/1.5W Original Glosscoat Version $95 (Not the newer more dull hand polished version)

Note: This is mounted on another jewel box, so is not sealed. - Sold

Ferrari Testarossa - Offset: 0N/3W Glosscoat Version $30 - Red - Sold



Mad Max Body $50 Sold

Chevrolet Corvette C5-R 2000 (MR010) - Offset: 3.5N/1W Glosscoat Version $30

CLK-DTM Vodafone Mercedes Benz - Offset: 2.5N/0W $30, Used $10

ESSO Ultraflo Supra - Offset: .5N/0W. $35 - Sold

Nissan Fairlady Z - Offset: 0N/0N. $30

Open Interface Tom's SC430 - Offset: 0N/0W Gloss Coat Version $33

Audi A4 DTM 2005 Red Bull - Offset: 0N/0W Glosscoat Version $30

Motul Autech Z 2007 - Offset: 1N/1W. Original Glosscoat $35 - Sold




Ferarri 575 GTC G.P.C. Sport - Offset: 2N/3W. Glosscoat Version $40

Ferarri 360GTC Scuderia Ecosse - Offset: 1N/1W Glosscoat version $40






(Can be converted to RM using lengthened RM motor mount)

98mm Bodies



Ferrari Enzo - Offset: 1N/3W. Glosscoat Version $40 - Sold

Ferrari Enzo - Offset: 1N/3W.

New never ran w/o box. Glosscoat $35 - Sold


Ferrari Scaglietti - Offset: 0N/0W Glosscoat Version $35 Sold


Mclaren F1 (Firelap) $10 - Sold

Mclaren Gulf F1 - Offset: 0N/0W $35


McLaren-F1-GTR-39-LeM - Offset: 2.5N/3W $35 - Sold



Aston Martin DB9 - Offset: 1N/2W. $35 - Sold



MOTUL-Autech-GT-R-2008 - Offset: 2N/2W.

$35 - Sold







102mm Bodies



Kevin-Harvick-'06-GM - Offset: 0/0 - 9.5mm Wide Tires Front/ Rear $25

Porsche 962 (Rothman) No 1 - Offset: 2.7N/.8W. - 9mm Ft/12mm Rr Wide Tires $35 - Sold

Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes F1 AM version new in box mounted on display case. RTR with transmitter, original box included. $150-Sold


Porsche 962 (Rothman) No 1

New body with New Gold battery contact chassis and new LM motor mount, new stock motor. $50


Offset: 1.3N/0W. $40

Note: Box sealed, but one mirror is loose inside box. Easy to put back on.





Mercedes C9 No.63 LM 1989 - Offset: 2.7N/.8W. - 9mm Ft/12mm Rr Wide Tires $35 - Sold



Used / New Opened Bodies




New $30

Limited Edition MR02 WorldCup Chassis - Worldwide 1,000 units. New mounted in jewel box with new Kyosho Enzo aluminum wheels. $210 Includes original box.

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren - Offset: 1N/1W. - Used Excellent Cond. Driven only once $30

Second Picture Sold

CLK-DTM Vodafone Mercedes Benz $10-Sold




Porsche 935 Used Good cond. $28 - sold

Ferrari 360 Used body with one new Kyosho clip and one used PN Racing Modular clip. $30 - Sold

Lamborghini Jota (Miura) used average condition $20 Sold

Used $20 Lense for lights missing average condition. Sold

Used fair condition $28 Sold

Used average condition $10 Sold

Used good condition $15 Sold

Lamborghini LP400 - Offset: 1.5N/0W. - Used $10 Sold

Takata NSX $20 - Sold

Mercedes C9 No.63 LM 1989 - Offset: 2.7N/.8W. - 9mm Ft/12mm Rr Wide Tires New, never ran, but tail wing broken and repaired. $28

Shelby Cobra 427 (MR010) - Offset: 1N/1.5W

Broken windshield below average condition $8 Sold

Lotus Europa - Offset: 0N/0N Average condition $10 Sold



90mm Bodies





94mm Bodies





Facts about mini-z chassis widths:

Mounting points for MR015, MR020 and MA010 are all the same and interchangable. However:

MR010 and MR015 chassis width is 48mm wide both front end and rear end. Width defined as width of the wheel mounting surface. For total vehicle width, add width of wheel, 8.5mm for normal, and 11mm for wide to the chassis width. MR020 chassis on the other hand is 5mm wider in front (53mm), and have same width (48mm) as MR010/MR015 in the rear. Therefore, when using a MR015 body on a MR020 chassis, decrease each front wheel offset by 2.5mm. Rear wheel offset stays the same.

In reading the charts, for a MR015 chassis, if you have 2.5N/0W offsets (normal width wheel with 2.5mm offset front and wide wheel with 0mm offset in rear), then front and rear have same vehicle width. For the MR015, the front 2.5mm offset compensates for the narrower front rim, so front and rear wheels line up. Having 0N/0N (0mm offset on both ends with normal width wheels on both ends) will allow front and rear wheels to line up. For an MR020 chassis, if front and back offsets are 0N/0N, then front wheels will actually be 5mm wider than rear, because MR020 chassis are wider in the front. You need 0N/2.5N for the front and rear to have the same width. For typical racing configuration with narrow and wide tires combination, 0N/0W on MR020 will give same vehicle width front and rear; because the wider chassis in front compensate for the narrower tires in the front.

LM Chassis: Front is same as MR02 at 53mm. Rear is 4mm wider at 52mm wide. The LM chassis requires a different motor mount and longer length differential than the normal MR02/015 diff. Rear tires on LM are 11mm wide, same as all others. Tire diameter wise, LM is different than MR015,MR020 and MA010. LM has 17mm diameter front rim wrapped with rubber tire that is 3.25mm thick versus for MR02 which has 20mm diameter with 2.5mm of rubber tire (23.5mm versus 25mm OD). Rear is 20mm diameter rims wrapped with 3.5mm thick rubber tire versus 20mm diameter with 2.5mm of rubber for MR02.

For MA010 AWD, the wheels are different than the MR015/020 series and are not interchangable. Offset for AWD wheels are measured differently. However, if you are using MR015 chassis with an AWD body, use 2WD wheels with the same numerical offset as the AWD wheels. And for MR020, subtract 2.5mm to the front offset value.

MR03 offset is exactly same as MR02.

Chassis width and offset are confusing, but there is actually a method to the madness.

MR020 and MR03 are accepted as the better handling chassis because of the flat battery placement the gives a lower CG. Unfortunately, many mini-z bodes are too narrow for the MR020. It use to be you have a choice between nice bodies or racing bodies. Recently, PN made a narrow front adaptor that lets you have a narrow front stance using the MR020 chassis. Now you can install a MR015 body with 0 offset on a MR020 chassis.


MR015 to MR020: Rear same, front, add 2.5mm to each wheel

MR015 to MA010: Same rear and front

LM to MR020: Rear add 2mm offset to MR020 wheels. Front stay the same. Height wise lower MR02 or MR03 chassis by 1mm in the back, and .75mm in front.



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