Chassis Set-Up

Weight Distribution
Weight distribution plays an important part in handling. Batteries are the heaviest part of the car, and plays a large role in weight distribution. On X-Mods, you can move the battery housing forward and back for weight distribution, but on mini-z, it is fixed. The only way to change weight distribution is to change the chassis length and using different motor mounts. Either MM mount that place the motor ahead of the rear axel, the HM mount that place the motor on top of the axel or the RM mount that place the motor behind the rear axel.

Enzo and Mclaren

A standard 98mm chassis like the Mclaren has very close to 50/50 weight distribution. The Enzo has a slightly heavier nose due to the larger over hang in front of the car. The Enzo is a popular car for the modified class. With the long wheelbase and wide track, it is very stable, and goes where it is pointed with no deviation. However, during acceleration out of corner, the Enzo and Mclaren can spin out on a slippery track.

94mm Ferarri 360 GTC

94mm chassis can use a rear motor mount or a shortened mid motor mount. See the motor mount page. Mid motor is much prefered over a rear motor. Rear motor tend to understeer coming out of corner. They then to oversteer in the corner because of the weight in the back of the car.

86mm Porsche 934 and 935

At the extreme end of the scale is a 86mm wheelbase rear motor mount like the Porsche 934 and 935. Weight distribution is around 44/56. The 934 is very twitchy. The rear loves to come around when entering a corner, but has good traction out of the corner. The 935 has longer overhang on both ends of the car, so is slightly more stable due to higher moment of inertia. The large tail on the end of the car also puts some aero force on the rear, and is much better handling than the 934.

Choosing a chassis length then depends on the traction condition. On my home track where is kept very clean and flat, traction is very good. Is hard to break traction even under full acceleration out of the corner. The Enzo with its stability and even weight distribution is the hands down winner. It is the fastest car around the track. On a more slippery track at Kenon, the 94mm car is definitely faster than the Enzo. With the Enzo, a slight excess throttle pressure cause a spin out on the track.

94mm Jota with +3mm rear wheel offset. Interesting possibility, but too top heavy epsecially with the wing on top.

Pan car bodies made by PN and Atomic use 98mm chassis, so weight distribution is about 50/50. However, due to the downforce generated by both those bodies, they have exceptional traction in and out of corner as well as good stability. They are probably the next best thing to AWD.


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